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Antigua GuatemalaAntigua Guatemala

Arco de Santa Catalina landmark. La Antigua Guatemala was the principal city of Guatemala after the first shipment (originally located in the Valley of Almolonga). There was destroyed by the torrents of water down the  [ más ]

Fire Volcano Volcán de FuegoFire Volcano Volcán de Fuego

Climbing this volcano is not easy. It is very important to begin climbing easy volcanos and go from there to more difficult summits. However, as most difficult routes the Fire ascent is fun. You have  [ más ]

Playa Dorada: The Golden BeachPlaya Dorada: The Golden Beach

Golden Beach would be the translation for its name, Playa Dorada is a nice and peaceful beach located in Izabal. You'll find plenty of restaurants near the shore with an open view. The name Playa  [ más ]

Dude this is my spaceDude this is my space

There is little I can say about this specific fellow because I don't really know what species it belongs to but I can tell you wasn't shy at all. While walking around on some trails  [ más ]

Iximche Ruins and TecpanIximche Ruins and Tecpan

Located in Tecpan, it takes about an hour and a half driving from Guatemala City or by bus. It is known as the last capital city of the mayas, founded in 1463 by the cakchiqueles.  [ más ]

I got to break freeI got to break free

Ahhh sometimes I get just too much of the -city- and just want to run away. This is exactly how I felt at the same moment, breaking free. It was a cold but nice day  [ más ]

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Fijese means bad newsFijese means bad news

Funny thing about Guatemalans (or perhaps not so funny) is the use of the language. Fijese is one of the most characteristic words in the country. Its literal translation would be -pay attention- or -focus-(strictly  [ más ]

Healthy travelHealthy travel

From Baja Verapaz to Quiche, Guatemala's beauty and culture cannot be rivaled. Historical and cultural sites fill visitors with a sense of awe and wonder. It is like none other, its diversity unmatched. To fully  [ más ]

About Guatemala Travel GuidesAbout Guatemala Travel Guides

What would you do if you live or if you visit such a wonderful country? my dear friend, Guatemala is so beautiful that traveling comes naturally. And then, what would you do with all those  [ más ]

Map of GuatemalaMap of Guatemala

Map of the departments of Guatemala.  [ más ]

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Feel free to contact us. Want to know more about Guatemala? Do you need a tour? Need hotel recommendations? Do you want to share a story? Or just want to say hi Send us an  [ más ]
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The CimarronThe Cimarron

A dry area in Huehuetenango with little population has a place surrounded by legends called -Cimarron-. Here in the middle of dry land heated by the direct sunlight there is a deep hole, perfectly round  [ más ]

Culma VolcanoCulma Volcano

Culma summit reaches 1,650 meters above sea level. When right in front of it doesn't seem that tall. In fact it is the easier of all the summits in Guatemala, right there you only have  [ más ]


This activity is hiking in nature, which may be of varying difficulty, from easy-family, to difficult, such competition. Has gradually gained popularity as people learn to enjoy the details found in the natural field. Not  [ más ]

From the top of the volcano JumaytepequeFrom the top of the volcano Jumaytepeque

To begin climbing volcanoes is advisable to start with a low or medium difficulty, such as Ipala Volcano or Volcano Chicabal. But if you can not go that far, Santa Rosa has a beautiful volcano  [ más ]

Map of GuatemalaMap of Guatemala

Map of the departments of Guatemala.  [ más ]

Laguna BravaLaguna Brava

Getting to Laguna Brava is quite an adventure. This journey is not for the addicts to hotels and spas but ideal to the adventurous. It takes a while to get there from Guatemala city. This  [ más ]

Atitlán, the Lake of the seven colorsAtitlán, the Lake of the seven colors

Lake Atitlan This lake was the scene of the battle between the Spanish and their allies against Tz'utujil kaqchikeles. Currently in Solola are 3 indigenous groups: the Quiché, Cakchiquel tz'utujil and. Road to Atitlan We  [ más ]

Tikal the City of VoicesTikal the City of Voices

Few places in the world require little introduction such as the National Park of Tikal. The archaeologist define this monumental beauty as a ceremonial location more than a city. It's been called the New York  [ más ]

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Feel free to contact us. Want to know more about Guatemala? Do you need a tour? Need hotel recommendations? Do you want to share a story? Or just want to say hi Send us an  [ más ]

Bombil Pek caveBombil Pek cave

Briones down in July front of the cave. The trip started as usual ... the call of one of the team telling an interesting place. Within minutes, call after call to finalize with others, to  [ más ]

Momostenango cliffs TotonicapánMomostenango cliffs Totonicapán

Located in the town of Momostenango in Totonicapán. Receives many visitors during the year and is one of the tourist icon of the department. As a frequent flier, after seeing many attractions in Guatemala, I  [ más ]

Semuc ChampeySemuc Champey

Crystalline waters, fresh air and nature all around wait for you at Semuc Champey, which means -Sacred water hidden under the stones-. Semuc, mostly known as Champey, are the peaceful formations that the river leaves  [ más ]

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Esquipulas ornamentsEsquipulas ornaments

Those visiting the Basilica of Esquipulas always returns with colorful decorations in their cars, or traditional hats that gave rise to the emblematic color ornaments. History tells us that before, when only arrived on foot  [ más ]

The costly stucco of the Mayan pyramidsThe costly stucco of the Mayan pyramids

Pointing to the wall guide Stucco Palace, Cancuén. Mayan temples were colorful artwork. We have cases of temples and palaces decorated with murals painted in the details of its history as Cancuén palace where you  [ más ]

Stands of Chichicastenango: customs that persisted despite the ChristianizationStands of Chichicastenango: customs that persisted despite the Christianization

The oppression of the Mayan culture and the direct attacks made by the Catholic Church failed to cancel the entire ancestral traditions. In some cases this censorship and attacks on their traditions and beliefs only  [ más ]

October 20, day of the RevolutionOctober 20, day of the Revolution

October 20 is the day that Jorge Ubico ceased to be president of Guatemala. October 20 is commemorated today the revolution of 44 officially ending a long period of presidency, but it is not out  [ más ]