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Landscapes from the Acatenango VolcanoLandscapes from the Acatenango Volcano

This is Agua volcano seen from Acatenango and Fuego. Is very unlikely that I stay at hotels on my trips. In fact I usually avoid cities for staying the night. Very often I just keep  [ más ]

Lake Peten ItzaLake Peten Itza

While local tourists usually prefer to stop at the island of Flores, located within the municipal lake, or in San Benito, a few minutes, tourists and travelers generally prefer to the respective stop in El  [ más ]

Cathedral of San José in La Antigua GuatemalaCathedral of San José in La Antigua Guatemala

The original church was built under the direction of Jose de Porres, renowned architect of the time. However, the building was reduced to ruins by the earthquake of 1583 and 1600 that damaged the structure  [ más ]

Arco de Santa CatalinaArco de Santa Catalina

For the year of 1613 began the construction of a convent approved 4 years ago, the Convent of Santa Catalina. This detention was a convent so the nuns inside avoided all contact with the outside  [ más ]

Preparing for the Fuego volcano journeyPreparing for the Fuego volcano journey

This is the Acatenango volcano summit. In front of us you can see Fuego Volcano. The night was really cold and we could hear the volcanic eruptions of Fuego Volcano. After seeing the big red  [ más ]

Double Headed Serpent TempleDouble Headed Serpent Temple

Classic image of Tikal between the forest, seen from Temple IV. The view from the top of Temple IV is one of the most emblematic images of Tikal. He has traveled the world on the  [ más ]

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Fijese means bad newsFijese means bad news

Funny thing about Guatemalans (or perhaps not so funny) is the use of the language. Fijese is one of the most characteristic words in the country. Its literal translation would be -pay attention- or -focus-(strictly  [ más ]

Healthy travelHealthy travel

From Baja Verapaz to Quiche, Guatemala's beauty and culture cannot be rivaled. Historical and cultural sites fill visitors with a sense of awe and wonder. It is like none other, its diversity unmatched. To fully  [ más ]

About Guatemala Travel GuidesAbout Guatemala Travel Guides

What would you do if you live or if you visit such a wonderful country? my dear friend, Guatemala is so beautiful that traveling comes naturally. And then, what would you do with all those  [ más ]

Map of GuatemalaMap of Guatemala

Map of the departments of Guatemala.  [ más ]

Contact usContact us

Feel free to contact us. Want to know more about Guatemala? Do you need a tour? Need hotel recommendations? Do you want to share a story? Or just want to say hi Send us an  [ más ]
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Cancuén archaeological siteCancuén archaeological site

Detail of plaza and play ball in Cancuén. The journey to Cancuén begins by taking the path to the Atlantic, to Coban. The newcomer will take the crossing to the left that leads to Chisec  [ más ]

White sand beach in Guatemala: Playa BlancaWhite sand beach in Guatemala: Playa Blanca

Most of the beach in Central America has dark sand as result of volcanic eruptions in the region. Few places have white sand like Playa Blanca (White Beach) and Punta de Palma, both places located  [ más ]

Quetzaltepeque VolcanoQuetzaltepeque Volcano

Contrary to popular belief, being a warm region, the climate is cool to cold.  Not hot at all. At an altitude of 1.900 meters above sea Niver and sometimes covered with cold fog. It has  [ más ]

Bombil Pek caveBombil Pek cave

Briones down in July front of the cave. The trip started as usual ... the call of one of the team telling an interesting place. Within minutes, call after call to finalize with others, to  [ más ]

Pure color and relaxing view, no filtersPure color and relaxing view, no filters

Some people can't believe I never use filters on my pictures, and no, I don't use any digital enhancements. This was pretty cool, the color of the sky changed right before the night on my  [ más ]

Salto Chilasco WaterfallSalto Chilasco Waterfall

Known as the tallest waterfall in Central America, this beauty is hidden in the mountains and forest of Baja Verapaz, at north of Guatemala. Around km 142 a road to the left takes you up  [ más ]

El Salto, hidden waterfall in JalapaEl Salto, hidden waterfall in Jalapa

When they gave us directions to get where we are victims of a joke because the bridge where we started our walk as the map was tiny, really small and did not seem logical to  [ más ]

Dude this is my spaceDude this is my space

There is little I can say about this specific fellow because I don't really know what species it belongs to but I can tell you wasn't shy at all. While walking around on some trails  [ más ]

Tikal Tour, City of voicesTikal Tour, City of voices

Tikal remains as one of the many must see beauties around the world. Located in the very heart of the Peten jungle keeps the ancient maya breathtaking buildings from an ancient civilization. Tikal was one  [ más ]

Momostenango cliffs TotonicapánMomostenango cliffs Totonicapán

Located in the town of Momostenango in Totonicapán. Receives many visitors during the year and is one of the tourist icon of the department. As a frequent flier, after seeing many attractions in Guatemala, I  [ más ]

Association of Mayan Women Weavers Santiago AtitlanAssociation of Mayan Women Weavers Santiago Atitlan

Association of Mayan Women Weavers - Santiago Atitlan For more than a quarter of a century Cojolya has been providing sustainable, fair-trade work for some 60 women who weave using the traditional backstrap loom. It  [ más ]

The grapes in Eastern GuatemalaThe grapes in Eastern Guatemala

Grapes and coconuts in cold Zacapa, near Usumatlán. Just after the department of El Progreso and minutes before they reach the Wellness Pasabién find a perfectly straight road section, you might not know but you  [ más ]

Read about the History of Guatemala

Jorge UbicoJorge Ubico

Years later in 1920, would participate in the military junta to appoint the General José María Orellana for president of Guatemala (you can see in Q1 tickets, a Quetzal). Jorge Ubico later away from the  [ más ]

Maya city Yax MutalMaya city Yax Mutal

Tikal's name was given in relation to Ti Ak'al (near the hole with water), referring to an ancient water reservoir site. Yax Mutal, the ruins of a large city Tikal came to house approximately 60,000  [ más ]

The Mayans in Guatemala: Mayas, ancestors and descendantsThe Mayans in Guatemala: Mayas, ancestors and descendants

Estela and Mayan temple Aguateca Petexbatún Region. It is very uncommon to realiza that the ancient mayas and the surviving descendants are very different groups For example, you wondered: Why the Maya of today can  [ más ]

Esquipulas ornamentsEsquipulas ornaments

Those visiting the Basilica of Esquipulas always returns with colorful decorations in their cars, or traditional hats that gave rise to the emblematic color ornaments. History tells us that before, when only arrived on foot  [ más ]