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Yaxhá, nature and Mayan templesYaxhá, nature and Mayan temples

Not only the extraordinary work of reconstruction work in the place, but the distribution of the temples in harmony with the environment are sufficient to remove the more than one breath. We are quite satisfied  [ más ]

Beauty of Semuc ChampeyBeauty of Semuc Champey

It was 5:30 in the morning, and although very tired from the previous day, we rushed full of emotion. The previous day, after more than 10 hours away from El Salvador, we came to Coban.  [ más ]

Stone of the Compadres La Piedra de los CompadresStone of the Compadres La Piedra de los Compadres

In strange balance have stood the test of time and historical earthquakes. There are small: the upper reaches the size of a regular sedan with four doors. Together reach a height of about three meters  [ más ]

The CimarronThe Cimarron

A dry area in Huehuetenango with little population has a place surrounded by legends called -Cimarron-. Here in the middle of dry land heated by the direct sunlight there is a deep hole, perfectly round  [ más ]

Paradise Waterfall, warm water waterfallParadise Waterfall, warm water waterfall

Come to Izabal and swim right next to a waterfall, enjoy the how water mixing with the river flowing and choose the spot you like with your proffered temperature: hot, warm and cold. Yes, you  [ más ]

Surrounded by lava in the volcano PacayaSurrounded by lava in the volcano Pacaya

One of the outputs lava. Photo: Explorer If you are someone who watch TV all the time, it will be useless to explain to you imagine how amazing it was to walk over a large  [ más ]

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Think twice about the colorful leafsThink twice about the colorful leafs

I couldn't help but posting this picture. The colors, the combination and the shape of the liquidambar leaves. In fact I just had to appreciate this little spot for a little while over Huehuetenango on  [ más ]

Aguateca maya city in PetexbatúnAguateca maya city in Petexbatún

Home Ruler, Grupo Palacio. Mayan Master Photo In Petén Tikal and Yaxhá not only are prominent archaeological sites. Ceibal Aguateca Cancuén and stand out among others. Aguateca is the most accessible and more renovated structures.  [ más ]

Peace at Tajumulco VolcanoPeace at Tajumulco Volcano

One of my favs. Tajumulco lets you watch two countries from the summit, Guatemala and México. I can almost see my house from here. Or maybe not? This is the summit at Tajumulco at 4,220  [ más ]

Basurera Snake on Huehuetenango trailsBasurera Snake on Huehuetenango trails

Walking on the muddy trails to Laguna Brava or - Yolnabaj - (mad or angry lagoon) at Huehuetenango found this. A small snake crossing the mud. After half a second my camera was out trying  [ más ]

I got to break freeI got to break free

Ahhh sometimes I get just too much of the -city- and just want to run away. This is exactly how I felt at the same moment, breaking free. It was a cold but nice day  [ más ]

On a cold clear day at TajumulcoOn a cold clear day at Tajumulco

Picture taken in automatic mode at Tajumulco Volcano (4,220 meters above sea level). Tajumulco is the highest peak in Central America and you can see ice formations over the rocks and among the grass near  [ más ]

Abaj Talakik Takalik AbajAbaj Talakik Takalik Abaj

If you visit Retalhuleu, take the opportunity to visit this archaeological site located in the municipality of El Asintal. It is not difficult to access and you can get in a car sedans. The weather  [ más ]
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Chicabal Lagoon in QuetzaltenangoChicabal Lagoon in Quetzaltenango

Photo by JorgExtremo Of all the volcanoes of Guatemala are famous for having two lakes in its crater. One is the Ipala Volcano (which some say is in Jutiapa and others in Chiquimula, but see  [ más ]

Maya city Yax MutalMaya city Yax Mutal

Tikal's name was given in relation to Ti Ak'al (near the hole with water), referring to an ancient water reservoir site. Yax Mutal, the ruins of a large city Tikal came to house approximately 60,000  [ más ]

Driving to Tikal from Guatemala CityDriving to Tikal from Guatemala City

So you want to visit Tikal on your own? driving? excellent!! Renting a car or taking your own car on a trip from Guatemala City to Tikal is a great way to see the places  [ más ]

El Muelle, nice restaurant near TikalEl Muelle, nice restaurant near Tikal

This was a very hot day on a travel to Tikal. The sun was not heating the air, it was burning and punishing us!. This is one of the most hot summers I can remember  [ más ]

Former Church of ChiquimulaFormer Church of Chiquimula

Facade of the Old Cathedral Chiquimula. There are no accurate data on the date of its foundation, but is located in the eighteenth century. Its architecture reminds the churches of La Antigua Guatemala. It is  [ más ]

Jorge UbicoJorge Ubico

Years later in 1920, would participate in the military junta to appoint the General José María Orellana for president of Guatemala (you can see in Q1 tickets, a Quetzal). Jorge Ubico later away from the  [ más ]

The costly stucco of the Mayan pyramidsThe costly stucco of the Mayan pyramids

Pointing to the wall guide Stucco Palace, Cancuén. Mayan temples were colorful artwork. We have cases of temples and palaces decorated with murals painted in the details of its history as Cancuén palace where you  [ más ]

Castillo de San Felipe de LaraCastillo de San Felipe de Lara

Maritime piracy gave rise to the need for a guard at the entrance and exit of vessels in Izabal. That's how they built the Castle of San Felipe. The year 1560 marked the beginning of  [ más ]

Tajumulco volcanoTajumulco volcano

Tajumulco volcano is the highest summit in Guatemala and Central America reaching 4,220 meters above sea level. The volcano is located in the town of the same name Tajumulco in San Marcos. Surprisingly is not  [ más ]

Xela in QuetzaltenangoXela in Quetzaltenango

Xela, the center of Quetzaltenango is perhaps the most visited tourist destination in Guatemala besides Antigua Guatemala and Tikal in Peten, and preferred by many as the number one choice to learn Spanish. It is  [ más ]

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Feel free to contact us. Want to know more about Guatemala? Do you need a tour? Need hotel recommendations? Do you want to share a story? Or just want to say hi Send us an  [ más ]


Suchitepequez is mostly known and referred to as San Antonio Suchitepequez or San Antonio Suchi, a quiet place with modest accommodations. The main activity is the agriculture but is also famous for its handicrafts, especially  [ más ]

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Atitlán, the Lake of the seven colorsAtitlán, the Lake of the seven colors

Lake Atitlan This lake was the scene of the battle between the Spanish and their allies against Tz'utujil kaqchikeles. Currently in Solola are 3 indigenous groups: the Quiché, Cakchiquel tz'utujil and. Road to Atitlan We  [ más ]

Tikal the City of VoicesTikal the City of Voices

Few places in the world require little introduction such as the National Park of Tikal. The archaeologist define this monumental beauty as a ceremonial location more than a city. It's been called the New York  [ más ]

Cave of the lighting Cueva del rayoCave of the lighting Cueva del rayo

Caving, study and exploration of caves, is a fascinating activity, of course, not suitable for claustrophobic (phobia of enclosed spaces or small rooms.) On this occasion, we went to Huehuetenango to visit this interesting cave.  [ más ]

A visit to the Castle of San FelipeA visit to the Castle of San Felipe

Before, during and after the Spanish Conquest the sea and rivers have always been an important channel of distribution. The economy of several countries was in fact tied to how fast, easy and safe you  [ más ]