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Quirigua Archaeological SiteQuirigua Archaeological Site

Motagua River holds great treasures. Around the basin, can be found not only deposits of jade, but pottery and ancient archaeological treasures. It is precisely here where lies Quirigua. Among its valuable content is the  [ más ]

Where were you last year?? where was I??Where were you last year?? where was I??

This picture belongs to an old post. I used to travel a lot, and I mean A LOT. So every year I used to ask this question and also was asked about the places I  [ más ]

Meaning of the name GuatemalaMeaning of the name Guatemala

Although not as in the past, even today city itself is surrounded trees. During the Spanish conquest were accompanied by various indigenous groups in the region to defeat others. In fact, Pedro de Alvarado and  [ más ]

Agua Volcano view from Pacaya TrailsAgua Volcano view from Pacaya Trails

Climbing a volcano is always better in the early morning. This way not only you avoid the heat of the midday sun, you also get the best of the day: clear sky and amazing view.  [ más ]

Pasabien RiverPasabien River

The usually hot weather of Zacapa has a treasure right below the mountains of Sierra de las Minas. Here at Pasa Bien a magnificent cold water river waits for you at just minutes from the  [ más ]

Ipala VolcanoIpala Volcano

Few places gather so much beauty as the Ipala Volcano. Its located in a warm region where the summer heat hits kinda hard, but still, no matter the time of the year, its summit stays  [ más ]

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Think twice about the colorful leafsThink twice about the colorful leafs

I couldn't help but posting this picture. The colors, the combination and the shape of the liquidambar leaves. In fact I just had to appreciate this little spot for a little while over Huehuetenango on  [ más ]

Aguateca maya city in PetexbatúnAguateca maya city in Petexbatún

Home Ruler, Grupo Palacio. Mayan Master Photo In Petén Tikal and Yaxhá not only are prominent archaeological sites. Ceibal Aguateca Cancuén and stand out among others. Aguateca is the most accessible and more renovated structures.  [ más ]

Peace at Tajumulco VolcanoPeace at Tajumulco Volcano

One of my favs. Tajumulco lets you watch two countries from the summit, Guatemala and México. I can almost see my house from here. Or maybe not? This is the summit at Tajumulco at 4,220  [ más ]

Basurera Snake on Huehuetenango trailsBasurera Snake on Huehuetenango trails

Walking on the muddy trails to Laguna Brava or - Yolnabaj - (mad or angry lagoon) at Huehuetenango found this. A small snake crossing the mud. After half a second my camera was out trying  [ más ]

I got to break freeI got to break free

Ahhh sometimes I get just too much of the -city- and just want to run away. This is exactly how I felt at the same moment, breaking free. It was a cold but nice day  [ más ]

On a cold clear day at TajumulcoOn a cold clear day at Tajumulco

Picture taken in automatic mode at Tajumulco Volcano (4,220 meters above sea level). Tajumulco is the highest peak in Central America and you can see ice formations over the rocks and among the grass near  [ más ]

Abaj Talakik Takalik AbajAbaj Talakik Takalik Abaj

If you visit Retalhuleu, take the opportunity to visit this archaeological site located in the municipality of El Asintal. It is not difficult to access and you can get in a car sedans. The weather  [ más ]
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Cerro Grande (Big hill) in San Vicente PacayaCerro Grande (Big hill) in San Vicente Pacaya

Despite the demanding or risky, sports adventure usually arrive to be practiced even alone. Quiet, we will not speak ill of our ranch (adventure sports), on the contrary, to clarify why these magnificent sports are  [ más ]

Jorge UbicoJorge Ubico

Years later in 1920, would participate in the military junta to appoint the General José María Orellana for president of Guatemala (you can see in Q1 tickets, a Quetzal). Jorge Ubico later away from the  [ más ]

Laguna Brava Yolnabaj in HuehuetenangoLaguna Brava Yolnabaj in Huehuetenango

It was a long walk over the trails and even we could see the Lagoon, we couldn't reach it from this point (private area) so we had to walk around the hill to get to  [ más ]

Tikal the City of VoicesTikal the City of Voices

Few places in the world require little introduction such as the National Park of Tikal. The archaeologist define this monumental beauty as a ceremonial location more than a city. It's been called the New York  [ más ]

Cerro Quemado cavesCerro Quemado caves

Down in the cave explorer Xela. Cerro Quemado, in Quetzaltenango, just minutes from the city of Xela, has a truly immense conglomerate rock, ideal for sport climbing and traditional. All the volcanic rock are scattered  [ más ]

Tajumulco VolcanoTajumulco Volcano

Relato de mi viaje al Volcán Tajumulco hace algunos años. Story of my trip to the volcano Tajumulco few years ago. Una de las mejores experiencias principalmente por ir sin saber cómo llegar. One of  [ más ]

Takalik Abaj, city link in Maya historyTakalik Abaj, city link in Maya history

Takalik, as it usually refers is one of the oldest known Maya cities. Its name means -standing stone- (singular, not plural) and is an important site for signs of mixing two cultures, the Maya and  [ más ]

Guatemala City and transferGuatemala City and transfer

After the difficulties encountered by the Spanish to an indigenous people in constant struggle, the city of Guatemala was moved to a new site. Transfer to Almolonga On November 22, 1527 City settles Guatemala in  [ más ]

El Muelle, nice restaurant near TikalEl Muelle, nice restaurant near Tikal

This was a very hot day on a travel to Tikal. The sun was not heating the air, it was burning and punishing us!. This is one of the most hot summers I can remember  [ más ]

Preparing for the Fuego volcano journeyPreparing for the Fuego volcano journey

This is the Acatenango volcano summit. In front of us you can see Fuego Volcano. The night was really cold and we could hear the volcanic eruptions of Fuego Volcano. After seeing the big red  [ más ]

One of my first impressions from HuehuetenangoOne of my first impressions from Huehuetenango

Why look for more if you can have a nice playground all around, clear sky, fresh air and weather? Here the soft grass provides you a nice support for your back taking out any residual  [ más ]

From the top of the volcano JumaytepequeFrom the top of the volcano Jumaytepeque

To begin climbing volcanoes is advisable to start with a low or medium difficulty, such as Ipala Volcano or Volcano Chicabal. But if you can not go that far, Santa Rosa has a beautiful volcano  [ más ]

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Railway Museum in ZacapaRailway Museum in Zacapa

The Railway Museum Zacapa was launched by the station workers who cleaned and fixed the place specially to meet him. Immediately impressed understand the work, effort and commitment of the labor required to create and  [ más ]

Abaj TakalikAbaj Takalik

Abaj Takalik is located in El Asintal, Retalhuleu. It%u2019s at just minutes from the center of Rehu via a paved road in great conditions. Abaj Takalik is one of the most important maya sites because  [ más ]

Cahi Tunatiuh Imox and the conquerorCahi Tunatiuh Imox and the conqueror

More than admirable is the resistance that gave the Indians before the Spanish conquest. Iximché, and take by the colonists suffered all kinds of hardship and oppression of the conquerors who demanded taxes for land  [ más ]

Laguna Brava, Yolnabaj in HuehuetenangoLaguna Brava, Yolnabaj in Huehuetenango

Not all beautiful places are close at hand. This is something that we have seen in each of our trips and to get this gap will have to earn the trip. If at this time  [ más ]