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Escuintla ciudad de las palmerasEscuintla ciudad de las palmeras

At only 40 minutes from Guatemala City, Escuintla is the place to go if you want enjoy sand, sun and the ocean. The beach is about 30 minutes from the City of Escuintla. The road  [ más ]

Visit the CuchumatanesVisit the Cuchumatanes

The landscape here in Huehuetenango break with tradition seen in Guatemala and make you feel like you're outside the country. I arrived in Huehuetenango with great expectations he had received comments from the rocky landscape,  [ más ]

Iximché, the last Maya capitalIximché, the last Maya capital

In 1463 founded the Cakchiquel Iximché without knowing it would become the last Maya capital city and first capital of Spanish conquest. At present, Iximché is a beautiful Mayan ceremonial center where various rituals are  [ más ]

One of my first impressions from HuehuetenangoOne of my first impressions from Huehuetenango

Why look for more if you can have a nice playground all around, clear sky, fresh air and weather? Here the soft grass provides you a nice support for your back taking out any residual  [ más ]

Fuego Volcano every end of the yearFuego Volcano every end of the year

The Volcan de Fuego, Pacaya and Santiaguito are the three volcanoes of Guatemala who are active. Only the Pacaya is friendly enough to see him up close and closer to their rivers of lava, walk  [ más ]

Sepalau LagoonsSepalau Lagoons

A peaceful enviroment, mountains, great treks, four lagoons and nature all around wait for you at Sepalau in Chisec. Sepalau is a system of four independent lagoons, but when the rainy season arrives, they join  [ más ]

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Fijese means bad newsFijese means bad news

Funny thing about Guatemalans (or perhaps not so funny) is the use of the language. Fijese is one of the most characteristic words in the country. Its literal translation would be -pay attention- or -focus-(strictly  [ más ]

Healthy travelHealthy travel

From Baja Verapaz to Quiche, Guatemala's beauty and culture cannot be rivaled. Historical and cultural sites fill visitors with a sense of awe and wonder. It is like none other, its diversity unmatched. To fully  [ más ]

About Guatemala Travel GuidesAbout Guatemala Travel Guides

What would you do if you live or if you visit such a wonderful country? my dear friend, Guatemala is so beautiful that traveling comes naturally. And then, what would you do with all those  [ más ]

Map of GuatemalaMap of Guatemala

Map of the departments of Guatemala.  [ más ]

Contact usContact us

Feel free to contact us. Want to know more about Guatemala? Do you need a tour? Need hotel recommendations? Do you want to share a story? Or just want to say hi Send us an  [ más ]
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Archaeological maya site Kumarcaaj UtatlanArchaeological maya site Kumarcaaj Utatlan

An ancient cave and maya ruins wait for you at only minutes from Santa Cruz del Quiche where several small mayan temples remain semi buried. Only one is fully visible and complete, but darken by  [ más ]

The CimarronThe Cimarron

A dry area in Huehuetenango with little population has a place surrounded by legends called -Cimarron-. Here in the middle of dry land heated by the direct sunlight there is a deep hole, perfectly round  [ más ]

The Mayans in Guatemala: Mayas, ancestors and descendantsThe Mayans in Guatemala: Mayas, ancestors and descendants

Estela and Mayan temple Aguateca Petexbatún Region. It is very uncommon to realiza that the ancient mayas and the surviving descendants are very different groups For example, you wondered: Why the Maya of today can  [ más ]

Santiago de Atitlan: The True Guatemalan AdventureSantiago de Atitlan: The True Guatemalan Adventure

Do you want to discover more about traditional Mayan culture? Does Guatemala%u2019s history interest you? Are you a fan of woven tunics and colorful crafts? If you replied %u2018yes%u2019 to any or all of these  [ más ]

Zacualpa in QuichéZacualpa in Quiché

Located on the route leading from Quiche to Guatemala, through Mixco Viejo and contains a series of unusual destinations on the itinerary of the travelers. Departing from Santa Cruz, through Chinique, you come to this  [ más ]

Cerro Quemado cavesCerro Quemado caves

Down in the cave explorer Xela. Cerro Quemado, in Quetzaltenango, just minutes from the city of Xela, has a truly immense conglomerate rock, ideal for sport climbing and traditional. All the volcanic rock are scattered  [ más ]

First news of Tikal during the Spanish conquestFirst news of Tikal during the Spanish conquest

Tikal lay hidden between forest during the conquest Spanish. All Mayan history buffs wonder how history would have been the conquest of the new world if the Spanish had found the Maya in full bloom.  [ más ]

The arches of EsquipulasThe arches of Esquipulas

Arches of the aqueduct water Esquipulas drinking. After the Spanish conquest in Chiquimula, Esquipulas began to chart a new town together with their public services. Pobable water topped the list. Taking advantage of the topography  [ más ]

Beauty of Semuc ChampeyBeauty of Semuc Champey

It was 5:30 in the morning, and although very tired from the previous day, we rushed full of emotion. The previous day, after more than 10 hours away from El Salvador, we came to Coban.  [ más ]

Palencia trailsPalencia trails

Palencia is a privileged place in the proximity of the city, excellent road access, good development and a cool climate despite being east of Guatemala, often associated with warm weather. Famous for the quality and  [ más ]


In Guatemala Retalhuleu is called just -Rehu-.  It is a southern department enjoying the benefits of the low altitude and fertile lands. Its economy is based primary in agriculture and tourism. Rehu is called -The  [ más ]

Cave of the two hours at Finca IxobelCave of the two hours at Finca Ixobel

If you are near Poptún, Petén, take the time to visit Finca Ixobel, whose entrance sign is visible from the road. Viewed by many foreign tourists and domestic travelers, is a natural area with lodging,  [ más ]

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Guatemala, Central Americas first cityGuatemala, Central Americas first city

Iximche Mayan ruins. Established but not built, the city of Santiago de los Caballeros in Guatemala stood at Iximche, a few minutes of Tecpan in Chimaltenango. Iximché meeting the ideal conditions of indigenous groups had  [ más ]

Jorge UbicoJorge Ubico

Years later in 1920, would participate in the military junta to appoint the General José María Orellana for president of Guatemala (you can see in Q1 tickets, a Quetzal). Jorge Ubico later away from the  [ más ]

The conquest of IximchéThe conquest of Iximché

Historical Background: Differences between the kingdoms weakened the Mayan population during the conquest and provided his own defeat. Allies in the past, both kingdoms occupied what is now Chichicastenango during the rule of the king  [ más ]

Takalik Abaj, city link in Maya historyTakalik Abaj, city link in Maya history

Takalik, as it usually refers is one of the oldest known Maya cities. Its name means -standing stone- (singular, not plural) and is an important site for signs of mixing two cultures, the Maya and  [ más ]