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October 20, day of the RevolutionOctober 20, day of the Revolution

October 20 is the day that Jorge Ubico ceased to be president of Guatemala. October 20 is commemorated today the revolution of 44 officially ending a long period of presidency, but it is not out  [ más ]


Is the home of one of the biggest colorful markets of Guatemala. From -The Encounters- or -Los Encuentros-, a pavement road takes you this beautiful place with lots of hotels and restaurants. Chichicastenango or so  [ más ]

Laguna de Santa Rosa AyarzaLaguna de Santa Rosa Ayarza

In the south-central area Guatemala approximately 101 kilometers from the capital, in the department of Santa Rosa, surrounded by green mountains lie the calm waters of La Laguna de Ayarza. - This is a natural  [ más ]

Atitlán, the Lake of the seven colorsAtitlán, the Lake of the seven colors

Lake Atitlan This lake was the scene of the battle between the Spanish and their allies against Tz'utujil kaqchikeles. Currently in Solola are 3 indigenous groups: the Quiché, Cakchiquel tz'utujil and. Road to Atitlan We  [ más ]

Dude this is my spaceDude this is my space

There is little I can say about this specific fellow because I don't really know what species it belongs to but I can tell you wasn't shy at all. While walking around on some trails  [ más ]

Los EsclavosLos Esclavos

Both the river and the ancient bridge are named -Los Esclavos- (The Slaves). It was a deep and majestic river but now the hydroelectric limits its flow and the waters are most of the time  [ más ]

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Think twice about the colorful leafsThink twice about the colorful leafs

I couldn't help but posting this picture. The colors, the combination and the shape of the liquidambar leaves. In fact I just had to appreciate this little spot for a little while over Huehuetenango on  [ más ]

Aguateca maya city in PetexbatúnAguateca maya city in Petexbatún

Home Ruler, Grupo Palacio. Mayan Master Photo In Petén Tikal and Yaxhá not only are prominent archaeological sites. Ceibal Aguateca Cancuén and stand out among others. Aguateca is the most accessible and more renovated structures.  [ más ]

Peace at Tajumulco VolcanoPeace at Tajumulco Volcano

One of my favs. Tajumulco lets you watch two countries from the summit, Guatemala and México. I can almost see my house from here. Or maybe not? This is the summit at Tajumulco at 4,220  [ más ]

Basurera Snake on Huehuetenango trailsBasurera Snake on Huehuetenango trails

Walking on the muddy trails to Laguna Brava or - Yolnabaj - (mad or angry lagoon) at Huehuetenango found this. A small snake crossing the mud. After half a second my camera was out trying  [ más ]

I got to break freeI got to break free

Ahhh sometimes I get just too much of the -city- and just want to run away. This is exactly how I felt at the same moment, breaking free. It was a cold but nice day  [ más ]

On a cold clear day at TajumulcoOn a cold clear day at Tajumulco

Picture taken in automatic mode at Tajumulco Volcano (4,220 meters above sea level). Tajumulco is the highest peak in Central America and you can see ice formations over the rocks and among the grass near  [ más ]

Abaj Talakik Takalik AbajAbaj Talakik Takalik Abaj

If you visit Retalhuleu, take the opportunity to visit this archaeological site located in the municipality of El Asintal. It is not difficult to access and you can get in a car sedans. The weather  [ más ]
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Laguna Lachuá, a Mirror of the skyLaguna Lachuá, a Mirror of the sky

Lachuá Lagoon. Photography Hernandez Ottoniel Istupe. The climate is typical of a tropical rainforest with impressive variety of plants and trees of precious woods. Here also live jaguars, pumas, tapirs and many other wild animals.  [ más ]

History of Guatemala the first inhabitantsHistory of Guatemala the first inhabitants

Guatemala was established as an independent country on September 15, 1821, the history that preceded its definition as a country is typical of the territory it occupies, beginning with the earliest inhabitants: the Maya. The  [ más ]

Establishment of Hearings and ProvincesEstablishment of Hearings and Provinces

Monument to Fray Bartolome Houses in the Church of Santo Domingo, Guatemala area. The conquistadors were the first to claim territory and benefits. Emerged hearings were ruled by them in most cases. The Indian was  [ más ]

Map of GuatemalaMap of Guatemala

Map of the departments of Guatemala.  [ más ]

Curch of La MercedCurch of La Merced

When you get closer you realize that from their yellow, white is seen from a distance are many details that adorn the entire front of an elegant and beautiful. Members of the Religious Order of  [ más ]

Lachua lagoon Laguna de LachuáLachua lagoon Laguna de Lachuá

The most amazing lagoon ever, trust me. Nature all around, birds, exotic life, saraguates and crystalline and frequently warm waters await for you. Lachua is in fact a National Park. Camping is allowed and there  [ más ]

Zaculeu maya ruinsZaculeu maya ruins

Zaculeu is a mayan archaeological site located in Huehuetenango. The original name of the city is Xinabajul and holds a rich history of warriors and resistance against the spanish conquest. Zaculeu comes from a king  [ más ]

Abaj TakalikAbaj Takalik

Abaj Takalik is located in El Asintal, Retalhuleu. It%u2019s at just minutes from the center of Rehu via a paved road in great conditions. Abaj Takalik is one of the most important maya sites because  [ más ]

Brief details of GuatemalaBrief details of Guatemala

It was during the time of the conquest, the capital of the kingdom dominated by the Spanish in America. Has been at the forefront since then, immediately characterized since independence was achieved peacefully. Its capital  [ más ]

Basurera Snake on Huehuetenango trailsBasurera Snake on Huehuetenango trails

Walking on the muddy trails to Laguna Brava or - Yolnabaj - (mad or angry lagoon) at Huehuetenango found this. A small snake crossing the mud. After half a second my camera was out trying  [ más ]

Chicabal VolcanoChicabal Volcano

Chicabal Lagoon in Chicabal crater. Two volcanoes in Guatemala have a lake in its crater, Volcano Ipala and this, the Volcano Chicabal. Interestingly one is in the East and the other in the West so  [ más ]

15 things you did not know of Guatemala15 things you did not know of Guatemala

Zacapa starts right at the end of the department of El Progreso en route to the east of Guatemala. Usumatlán is right after and before Rio Hondo to find a cross to the left (back  [ más ]

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Pure color and relaxing view, no filtersPure color and relaxing view, no filters

Some people can't believe I never use filters on my pictures, and no, I don't use any digital enhancements. This was pretty cool, the color of the sky changed right before the night on my  [ más ]

Palencia trailsPalencia trails

Palencia is a privileged place in the proximity of the city, excellent road access, good development and a cool climate despite being east of Guatemala, often associated with warm weather. Famous for the quality and  [ más ]

Paradise Waterfall, warm water waterfallParadise Waterfall, warm water waterfall

Come to Izabal and swim right next to a waterfall, enjoy the how water mixing with the river flowing and choose the spot you like with your proffered temperature: hot, warm and cold. Yes, you  [ más ]

Castillo de San Felipe de LaraCastillo de San Felipe de Lara

Maritime piracy gave rise to the need for a guard at the entrance and exit of vessels in Izabal. That's how they built the Castle of San Felipe. The year 1560 marked the beginning of  [ más ]