Esquipulas the home of the Black Christ

Located in Chiquimula, Esquipulas is called -the land of miracles-. Home of the -black christ-.

Esquipulas has become a very important tourist destination in the region, both religiously and for fun, being the main reasons of its constant urban and economical growth.

Formerly the home of the Chortis known for their kindness was scenery of several battles.

It was hard for the Spanish to conquest the region as they found strong resistance.

After several successful attempts five years later the locals decided to fight again, but this time trying to avoid the death of their own soldiers.

Once again the faced a fight but as hard as it was, the peace offerings of the Spanish gave result to cancel any further battles.

The religious impositions over the locals were a hard quest as they considered almost -evil- a God who allowed the killing of his own son.

Soon, as many other attempts over Guatemala, the Spanish decided to combine the religious beliefs with colors and symbols.

The Black Christ of Esquipulas

Quirio Cataño created the beautiful sculpture of the Black Christ found at Esquipulas and since march, 1595, it is subject to the petitions and prayers of many thousand visitors year after year.

The cult to the image was instituted on the same day it was delivered (9 of march 1595) but the local celebration was declared on the 15 of February, and still to date, people wait for hours outside the church to enter and pray.

Many traditions take place in Guatemala heading to Esquipulas, from people traveling from Guatemala City to the Church on motorcycles and even on a bike, the amount of people is just huge.

For this reason, Esquipulas has a lot of room for travelers, with many hotels, restaurants and entertainment for everyone.

What to expect at Esquipulas?

  • Fresh weather. Yes, even located in Chiquimula, a frequently warm place, Esquipulas is actually several meters over sea level, causing its weather to be really fresh to warm.
  • Expect a lot of hotels and restaurants with really cheap prices (and great quality).
  • Family entertainment at it's best!. Esquipulas has several natural parks with places to eat, play and spend a great time relaxing yourself from the stress of the city. Consider visiting Parque Chatun and Turicentro Las Minas.
  • Roads in great condition. Yes, get there safe and fast.
  • Mickey Mouse transportation. Yes, when at the center of Esquipulas you will see a funny vehicle that has become a tradition over the years. The owner decided to give it a different look to attract the kids and this has been very successful. This transport will take you to some near places worth knowing as the -Piedra de los Compadres-, a big stone venerated by some maya groups.

How to get to Esquipulas

Follow the CA1 (Carretera al Atlantico) and follow the big signs to -Puerto Barrios-. After reaching -El Rancho- stay on the road. You will reach the fork to Puerto Barrios, Izabal and Chiquimula. Take the turn to the right heading to Chiquimula. You will be passing by the entrance to Chiquimula after an hour or so, stay on the road and head to Esquipulas.

There are enough facilities and accommodations, banks, supermarkets and stores of many kind.

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