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Pacaya Volcano

There are tree active volcanoes in Guatemala: Fuego (Fire), Santiaguito and Pacaya.

Pacaya is the easiest one to climb. It has been quite peaceful over the years allowing visitors to see the lava flows and even taking a close look at the crater.

Pacaya is not far from Guatemala City and you can get there in about an hour. There are daily tours departing from Guatemala and Antigua Guatemala City.

The whole region is surrounded by nature. There is a small town at the bottom and a lagoon (Calderas). The growing tourism is a great source of income for the locals and you can hire guides from all ages. Yes, little kids can guide you along the way.

The ascent is quite easy and great for beginners. Even so, if you want to avoid the exercise or if you have some physical problem you can rent "a cab", thats how they comically call them, you can rent a horse taking you where the action is in no time with no sweat!.

The ascent begins at the entrance of the park where you register your name and buy your ticket. The trails goes up entering a fresh forest. The weather is usually warm at the place.

After an hour or so the view opens up as you get to the lookout. The view of Agua Volcano is great along with Fuego and Acatenango. There are several places for you to rest all along the way up.

A few years ago you reached an open field and from there the trail went up to the summit. After a passive eruption of lava, the lava flow started covering and filling the valleys. Now you can find warm and hot lava where the a while you found the open field.

What to expect the at Pacaya Volcano?

  • Nice treks among the forest and fresh trails.
  • Beautiful views of the following volcanoes: Agua, Fuego and Acatenango.
  • On clear days you can see from the sea from the side of Pacaya.
  • Expect lots of fun. You can go on an adventure trip or with your family in a relaxed journey.
  • There are parking lots and stores for you to buy water and food.
  • Yes, you can rent a horse to avoid the exercise or if you are in a hurry.
  • You can also enjoy of the Calderas Lagoon at the bottom of the volcano.
  • Bring your coat if it gets cloudy (is cold in the morning)
  • Also, bring your sun blocker if visiting it at noon.

How to get to Pacaya volcano?

Driving on your own: take the CA9 to the south of Guatemala. After passing Lake Amatitlan stay on the main road for a while until you see the signs to Pacaya. Take the turn to your left and as if you were coming back to the city, stay on the road following the sign on your right. Yes, turn to your right and there you go. After this the road goes to Pacaya passing by small towns. Its a 45 minutes drive from Guatemala City.

From Antigua Guatemala: go south passing by Ciudad Vieja. When you leave this city you reach the road going to the CA9. Take this road and when you reach the CA9 take course back to Guatemala City and follow the signs on your right.

There are tours departing Guatemala and Antigua Guatemala city every day.

You can climb this volcano at night depending on the volcanic activity. There has been times where thousands of visitors keep climbing it until 1:00 am. My advice is to go early in the morning to avoid the sun.

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