Mayan wisdom confronts religion

Ritual en Pascual Abaj, Chichicastenango. When we speak of Christianity we are told of the challenges of the Catholic Church preaching and converting the Indians. The scenario usually locate groups of peoples as ignorant (if not all were) who accepted or repudiated the "new faith." (Remember, what is an enslaved people options ...)

Bishop Diego de Landa in July 1562 account:

"We found a large number of books ... and since they contained nothing but superstitions and falsehoods of the Devil, we burned them all." (Referring to ancient maya books and writings of science and Mayan history.

It also tells us even as a joke that religious converts discover that some images did not worship the saints, but by including representations of animals (dragons, reptiles, etc).

The Nahual

The Indians had never seen the holy personages of speaking Europeans, but they were familiar with animals was the physical form of deities or spirits. These were the nahuales, taking such forms to interact with them according to their beliefs.

The major argument fails

Little is said about it in books and less on the traditional school education, but the main argument of the Christian faith collided head-on with the wisdom Mayan settlers spoke of a God who gave his son for the salvation of humanity. "God loves us so much that he gave his own son."

Maya said the reasoning could not believe in a God so cruel that I did and let your child ... then what hope and a future waiting for them ...

Despite the Christianization and baptisms, the Maya refused to renounce their beliefs and, in secret or public, a large majority continued to practice their customs and ancestral beliefs.

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