About us

We are travelers just like you, and we've been doing this for years (decades). It all started doing photographic work mixed with rock climbing and mountaineering. Our pictures and stories became anecdotes among friends so we started posting online at several websites since 1998. Our friend list got big!.
About us
Picture: Reaching Acatenango Volcano Summit. That was an amazing day with wonderful views.

All our websites feature our journeys and our very own pictures, so yes we know the places first hand :) . The amount of pictures and stories allowed us to create thematic websites covering nature, archaeology, adventure, etc, and sure we enjoyed sharing information and advice with everyone for years. Curiosity pushed us to try caving, tubing, canyoning and more.

We want to help you discover the most visited destinations in Guatemala, along with other fantastic beauties treasures because there's always more to discover in every country than the top list. The world is becoming a smaller place with lots of travel services, yet we have unique gifts to share with you creating wonderful travel experiences.
I'm (Héctor Roldán), basically for years the head photographer and quite glad to invite you visiting Guatemala. That's what I believe is the fair presentation of what Guatemala Guides is about.

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