Guatemala travel budget

Guatemala has been featured on multiple travel guides worldwide as a wonderful destination with affordable wonders, exquisite culinary traditions and nice prices on excellent food. Giving a general answer on budget is not an easy task because it depends on how many days you stay, and specially your selection of places to visit.
Pacaya volcano hike and landscape
Picture: landscape on our hike to Pacaya Volcano. 45 minutes approx from Guatemala City.

One person? a group? budget per person?

Generally speaking many travel services are designed for two. While we all make numbers on a "per - person - basis", most hotel reservations offer a two bed room, so traveling with someone else pretty much reduces your costs in half right away, and traveling alone (like if you are an adventurer or on a business trip), things are different. The point is: always try to bring someone with you to Guatemala, besides sharing the experience is quite fun.

Let's simplify things, well cover:
  • Average budget for common itineraries and destinations
  • An ideal budget to get the most out of your travel experience
  • One person traveling around Guatemala, the benefits of private tours
  • Guatemala on a low travel budget
  • Guatemala travel on the cheap

1. Average budget for common itineraries and destinations

The usual Guatemala travel experience (5 days) goes around US$650 average, this includes visiting the places, professional bilingual guide, transport, hotel reservations and meals. That's actually the most quick and practical response, want specifics? we need specifics itinerary because each destination affects the budget in different ways, high seasons also affect the pricing. Talking about seasons: here the weather is quite nice so you can travel all year round, do not worry about "high seasons" as being the best time for traveling. And yes, we can offer you a one tour experience around Guatemala for all the 5 average days, so, be confident that you can choose any of our tours, or ask for a multi destination tour right away. Contact us for more information.

2. An ideal budget to get the most out of your travel experience

This is tricky to approach, there is no "ideal budget" on the travel world in regard of any country. When we talk about ideal budget while traveling we actually mean "the minimum" for a nice experience free of hurries. What we want to explain in this point is: you can get even more from your trip adding from US$30 to US$100 extras. Most of our recommendations go around transport options on our tours, why? travel faster (like flying) and you get way more time out of your day, nice, right? We can also help you lower your expenses providing alternate places to stay the night, or increase your budget for a luxury stay.

3. One person traveling around Guatemala, benefits of private tours

Usually traveling alone increases your budget on any travel or tour on any country. Yet, we have special options for solo travelers and specially if you are on a business trip, we understand your time needs, and we have designed special tour experiences for this kind of situations. Contact us for more information.

4. Guatemala on a low travel budget

We offer a wide variety of tours and prices, even different versions of the tour to the same destination for different budgets. Let's make it easy: feel free to contact us for more information, we can actually surprise you answering questions like "what can I get on a budget of US$200,US$300, etc. in Guatemala?".

5. Guatemala travel on the cheap

The truth is: Guatemala is very affordable, but it's an universal true that traveling is like going to a restaurant: you can order many different meals on wide variety of prices, but going cheap you can only get a salad and glass of water, want to travel on a diet plan?, we believe you deserve more and we can surprise you.
Tikal temple II
There is a misconception of traveling with a book, read and you can watch things for free all around. Don't limit yourself, there are great editions but Guatemala has a lot to offer. We have traveled around Guatemala and other countries by our own means an on tours: having a professional guide and all arranged not only saves time, it provides a memorable and top quality experience difficult to get on your own. Guatemala is rich in history and culture, there is no comparison to having a professional tour guide and a professional historian and researcher, trust me. It really applies to Tikal, Yaxhá and other destinations just as it applies to Rome or Egypt. We have carefully worked to build and provide top quality tours and experiences.

Tikal great plaza

Entrance prices to the iconic destination won't vary, yet you can save on transport and where you spend the night. Or share the trip with someone or make it a group and we can do wonders for you. Contact us if you are on a tight travel budget.

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