Our photographic work

It is quite common to find wonderful images on travel sites. The ones featured here and on any of our projects are 100% ours, from real trips because we have been there. I'm Héctor Roldán head of the project and I'm a traveler just like you. I started doing photographic work for the leading newspapers in Guatemala (photography goes along pretty well with traveling). Soon I had a huge collection of photos available online for editorial and commercial use and never stopped exploring. From that point several projects related to culture, nature, and more were born.
Atitlán Panoramic view
Picture: panoramic view of Atitlán from Acatenango Volcano summit.

It's been several decades and I'm available for professional photographic work and stock photography on demand (along with a huge digital library). Yet, the important message here is: all the pictures come from our own trips sharing places and moments with team members and travelers from all over the world. We worked hard creating inspiring text that transmit emotions so you feel an active invitation to come to Guatemala, to the places we feature here and on the rest of our websites.
Tikal Temple II
Picture: Temple II / Tikal.

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