Our travel services

We can also assist you on transportation and transfers from, and to a diverse variety of destinations in Guatemala.
Our travel services
Picture: Temple IV / Tikal. Complete picture below.

Many times travelers need special services like:

  • Hotel reservations
  • Airport pickup
  • Transportation from and to specific destinations
  • Special itineraries not covered by buses or shuttles
  • Private transportation: save time, get there fast and enjoy the freedom of stopping by at more places
We know the roads, we'll take you there while you relax and enjoy your trip. Besides, there are countless of cases of travelers coming to Guatemala for business, and sometimes they have unplanned one night free, or one exact day free, but no plans. We can help you getting the most out of your time.

Feel free to contact us

Let us know: date, # of travelers and your itinerary or special needs so we can reply and assist you with the information you need. Photographer? field study? we are familiar with this. We understand the needed flexibility for that kind of trips that work better with a private transport. Get in touch, we can help.
Picture: Temple IV / Tikal.

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