Practice your Spanish

Due to a growing interest we are now offering the free chance to practice your Spanish skills. It's quite simple:

Practice Spanish. Join here

  • And there, let us know you are interested on practicing your Spanish skills.
  • From there you will receive a reply, and the conversation begins via email.
  • Yes, it is free, there is no charge for this.
  • There is no agenda, any topic is valid in general so you can practice your Spanish. Traveling around Guatemala is a common central topic (read below about the rules).
  • English is allowed if you have questions or difficulties warming up your Spanish.
  • We have a monthly maximum limit, we will let you know if we are full or not.
  • The conversations take place via email and email only.
  • Our policies on privacy and safety apply to this free service, your email address is safe with us.
  • Members of our team will take turns, but once you engage with one person, the same person will always be on the other side exchanging ideas with you.


  • Sensitive topics (and specially sharp angles) on religion or politics are not allowed.
  • Only above 18 years old allowed.
  • No rude language or rude manners are allowed.
  • No sensitive private data is required, no member of the team will ask any sensitive or private data from you.
  • Traveling to Guatemala (traveling in general) is a welcome topic making it easier to exchange ideas.
  • We keep record of the conversations for monitoring purposes only to guarantee a nice experience.
  • Questions about traveling to Guatemala are allowed, and actually welcome, yet, we are not a free service for homework, research or wikipedia - like interaction.
  • No Skype or real time chat is allowed.
  • We can't guarantee multiple daily emails interactions, there is a limit to this free program.
By joining and participating you are agreeing to our terms of service. Any violation will receive a warning (and a notification to members of our team), violating the terms of use might lead to ending the interaction and blocking email maiboxes on receiving contact from offending emails.

* Do you want to practice Spanish face to face? We don't offer this kind of interaction but if you are in Guatemala, consider La Antigua Guatemala. Some travelers exchange interactions on languages and even some professional services. Special invitations are often posted on the most common restaurants (prior authorization of the owners).

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